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Character art by PeriwinkleImp. GUI by L. Razo Extra sprites by Blue Forest Background art from Morgue File Music by Kevin MacLeod. Title text from Cool Text. Aloners (Redux) is a re-release of the visual novel Aloners, with all-new background art and a never-before-seen extra chapter that. Aloners. Release date (Windows, Mac OS, Linux) English: November 26th, “One day, the last man on Earth came home to find a girl.

Aloners: You wake up, confused, unable to speak, naked, and threatened with a gun by a young man at the end of the world who seems. Aloners - a post-apocalyptic romance (COMPLETE) Wilder - a forbidden fantasy romance (/) Follow me on tumblr at sonnet or. Title, Aloners. Length, Short (2 - 10 hours). Developer, sonnet Publishers, sonnet Description. The Dust Bowl: ground zero for the event that wiped.

Let's review the game Aloners. If you don't know about the game allow me to shed some light real qui. The only other standout that comes to mind is one I found out about early this year; Aloners. The premise it starts off on is familiar, but.

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