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Landslide ppt download

Landslide ppt

it is my presentation on a natural disaster LANDSLIDE. If u want to download it email me [email protected] LANDSLIDES BEGUM EMTE AJOM SHAFIUR RAHMAN DAPHI SHYLLA RADHESHYAM NARZARY PRESENTED BY-. Background on Landslides; Landslides Prediction; System Architecture A landslide is an catastrophic event where a block of earthen mass slides downhill.

All movement of land masses are referred as landslides, but differ in many respects, therefore all types of landslides are categorized as Earth Movements. UNDERSTANDING LANDSLIDES. Dr. Walter Hays,. Global Alliance For Disaster Reduction. ESSENTIAL KNOWLEDGE FOR SOCIETAL SUSTAINABILITY. DEVASTATING LANDSLIDE IN THE PHILIPPINES INDUCED BY HEAVY RAIN. 22 MINERS TRAPPED, BUT ONLY 3 DEATHS. am.

Landslide types and causes. 3. Landslides. Movement occurs when the shear stress exceeds the shear strength of the material. Difference with soil erosion. SLOPE PROCESSES, LANDSLIDES, AND SUBSIDENCE by heavy rainfall, reactivation along an older landslide surface (35, years ago, years ago, . Although the action of gravity is the primary driving force for a landslide to occur. such as rock falls.. deep failure of slopes and shallow debris flows. there are.

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