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cp_orange_x3. Well folks heres a cleaned up and edited ver of orange x as you can see we re textured alot and added stuff such as: 1.a 2nd ramp to the top of. Steam Workshop: Team Fortress 2. Cp_orange_x3 automatically compressed and downloadable with a single click. Alternatively, you can also. Steam Workshop: Team Fortress 2. One of the most played custom maps in TF2 history. Created by GGODD2 based on a map by White wolf.

A wolf sculpture can be seen inside and behind the spawns; it represents the avatar of the map's author, WhiteWolf_X. cp_orange_x3 is theĀ  Variations - Locations. 12 Jul - 33 sec - Uploaded by smoogleTF2 ashhtupidomongoloide. 16 Aug - 1 min - Uploaded by hishighness cp_orange_x3 Walkthrough for Map Night.

View Map's Details & Download CP_ORANGE_X3 - Team Fortress 2 Custom map. TeamFortress 2 community quickplay for map cp_orange_x3. So I was looking around over at FPSBanana and I came across the thread for cp_orange_x3. Now I have played on this map a few times in my.

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